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Shot Length Distributions

Online software Cinemetrics is a pioneer in the field of movie measurement and statistical analysis of the film. Since its creation, it has become quite popular and has appealed to various scholars from different disciplines. Most of the research carried out with the software focuses especially on feature films, and little has been done with it to investigate TV series and TV transnational series adaptation. Calculating the average shot length, Cinemetrics informs us of the rhythm of the montage.

Cinemetrics provides us with: Average shot length in seconds (ASL): number of shots/total length, Medium shot length in seconds (MSL), The Average shot length/medium shot length Ratio (MSL/ASL), Movie Length (LEN), Number of Shots (NoS), Longest shot length (MAX), Shortest shot length (MIN), Range between Longest and Shortest shot (Range), Standard Deviation (St Dev), Coefficient of variation: SD dev/ ASL. (CV). The most commonly used data is the Average Shot length. 


Cinemetrics serves as a research tool for scholars from disciplines as varied as film studies, statistics, psychology, and computer science. Cinemetrics is a multi-faceted tool and method that provides the opportunity to use a myriad of approaches to research film (Khitrova, 2009). While researchers have used the software to measure cutting rates, they can set other parameters and measure the elements in which they are interested. In addition, researchers can use already existing crowd-sourced information from the database. This mega database helps researchers to uncover patterns and trends of editing techniques.

Through the segmentation of movies, Cinemetrics enables us to study the patterns, structures, and development of film editing through cutting rates. The term “cutting rates” differs from that of space-time articulations, which consists of the content of a scene. Cinemetrics highlights the part of the editing process that consists in measuring shot lengths and their frequency of change.


The Intouchables (2011) / The Upside (2019)

The Intouchables 

The Twilight Zone

The Eyes of the Beholder (1963)

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (1963)

The Eyes of the Beholder (2003)

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (2003)



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